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NCCP Competition - Development   Saskatoon / Regina
Instruction - Beginner CanSkate   Regina
Instruction - Beginner CanSkate   Saskatoon
Primary STARSkate   Regina

Note:  Saskatchewan NCCP Instruction - Beginner CanSkate and Primary STARSkate courses are being held in the fall this year to allow more time for skaters, coaches and clubs to prepare for the courses and clubs to prepare for the courses and the 2014/2015 season.  By the fall more skaters will be 16 and eligible to take the CanSkate course.  Fall courses will also allow previous skaters who have not been on the ice enough time to practice their skating skills for the CanSkate course on-ice evaluation (edges, three turns, mohawks, crossovers - all forward and backward).  These skills must meet the Skate Canada standard for skating ability at this level to be given credit for the course.


It should be noted that those registering for the Instruction - Beginner fall courses must complete the CanSkate Pre-Course module prior to the deadline date for the course registration.  It is recommended that the Pre-Course Module be completed during the two (2) months prior to the course.  Once the three (3) day CanSkate Course is completed and skating skills are satisfactory participants will receive a certificate indicating that they are a Skate Canada CanSkate Coach  - In Training and will immediately be able to register as a Skate Canada Coaching Member.  This will allow them to start coaching at the CanSkate level in any Skate Canada club.  To be eligible to register as a Skate Canada Coach skaters must have completed a First Aid course (see policy posted above), a background check if 18 or older and the online "Making ethical Decisions" module (MED) found on the Skate Canada website under "Members Only>Coaches>NCCP".  Saskatchewan coaches must also compete the Respect in Sport module on the Sask Sport website.  The Sask Sport website can be accessed under "Links" on the Skate Canada - Saskatchewan website.  Most of these requirements can be done prior to the completion of the CanSkate Course.


Having the courses in the Fall also allows those taking the Primary STARSkate course the summer time to complete the mentoring part of their Hom Study Guide and to complete any needed Skate Canada STARSkate tests.  Completion of the Home Study Guide is a pre-requisite for the course.  Once the three (3) day Primary STARSkate course is completed, participants will receive a certificate indicating that they are a Primary STARSkate - Trained Coach and will be able to start coaching at all levels in a Skate Canada club.


A Skate Canada coaching membership is from September 1st - August 31st for any given year regardless when the registration is received.  Having the courses in the Fall gives coaches almost a full year as a coaching member to complete videos and other reguirements.



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