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Prairie Skate

2012 Results


Sask Sask / Sask Open

2014 Announcement

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2014 Schedule

Confirmation Letter

Sask Skate Entries  (09/19/2014)                  Sask Open Entries (09/19/2014)

Practice Groups (09/19/2014)

Volunteer Letter and Schedule


2013 Sask Skate Results

Pre-Juvenile U11 Women               Final Results          Free

Pre-Juvenile U14 Women               Final Results          Free

Pre-Juvenile U14 Men                      Final Results          Free

Pre-Juvenile Dance                          Final Results          Pattern 1    2

Juvenile U11 Women                       Final Results          Free

Juvenile U14 Women                       Final Results          Free

Juvenile U14 Men                              Final Results          Free

Juvenile Dance                                  Final Results          Pattern  1   2        Free

Pre-Novice Men                                  Final Results          Short            Free

Pre-Novice Women                           Final Results          Short             Free

Pre-Novice Dance                             Final Results           Pattern  1  2        Free

Novice Men                                         Final Results           Short            Free

Novice Women                                  Final Results            Short           Free

Novice Pairs                                       Final Results            Short           Free

Novice Dance                                    Final Results             Pattern  1  2      Free

Junior Men                                         Final Results             Short            Free

Junior Women                                  Final Results              Short           Free

Junior Dance                                    Final Results              Short           Free

Senior Women                                 Final Results              Short           Free

2013 Sask Open Results

Pre-Juvenile U11 Women Flt. 1    Final Results             Free

Pre-Juvenile U11 Women Flt. 2    Final Results             Free

Pre-Juvenile U11 Women Flt. 3    Final Results            Free

Pre-Juvenile U14 Women Flt. 1    Final Results            Free

Pre-Juvenile U14 Women Flt. 2    Final Results            Free

Juvenile U14 Women Flt. 1            Final Results            Free

Juvenile U14 Women Flt. 2            Final Results            Free

Juvenile U14 Women Flt. 3            Final Results            Free

Pre-Novice Women  Flt. 1               Final Results            Short            Free

Pre-Novice Women Flt. 2                Final Results            Short            Free

Pre-Novice Women Flt. 3                Final Results           Short             Free

Novice Women Flt. 1                        Final Results           Short             Free

Novice Women Flt. 2                        Final Results           Short             Free

Junior Women                                   Final Results           Short             Free

2012 Sask Skate Results                         2011 Results 


Skate Canada Sectionals

2015 Announcement

2015 Online Registration


     Pre-Juvenile Dance                    Final           1         2                    

     Pre- Juvenile Women U11        Final            Details      

     Pre-Juvenile Men U14               Final            Details

     Pre-Juvenile Women U14        Final            Details

     Juvenile Dance                           Final                            Free

     Juvenile Women U11                Final            Details

     Juvenile Men U14                      Final             Details

     Juvenile Women U14               Final             Details

     Pre-Novice Dance                     Final            1         2          Free           

     Pre-Novice Men                         Final             Short              Free

     Pre-Novice Women                  Final             Short              Free

     Novice Dance                            Final                              Free    

     Novice Men                                Final              Short             Free

     Novice Women                         Final              Short             Free

     Junior Men                                 Final              Short             Free

    Junior Women                           Final              Short             Free

     Senior Women                         Final              Short             Free

2013 Results                                         2012 Results                 2011 Results


Skate Canada Western Challenge

 2013 Results                                          2012 Results                  2011 Results

2010 Results


Prairie Regional Synchronized Skating

2013 Results                             2011 Results


Jean Norman / STARSkate Competition

Bid Package


Saskatchewan STARSkate Championships

2013 Results                      2012 Results                      2011 Results

2010 Results


Jean Norman Competition


     Free Skate          Elements          Spin          Jump

     Interpretive          Special O

 2013 Results:

Competitive Free Skate                                 Competitive Short Programs

STARSkate (Intro - Prelim)                            STARSkate Free (Jr. Bronze & Up)

Elements                                                        Interpretive

Dance                                 Spin                    Jump


2012 Results                   2011 Results                    2010 Results  


Regional Invitational Competition

Bid to Host 

Hosting Manual

2013/2014 Announcement Template



CanSkate Element Event




Sanction Fee Audit Form


Invitational Synchronized Skating Competition

Bid to Host


Saskatchewan Winter Games


Class 1 Women             Details   

Class 1 Men                   Details

Class 1 Dance               Canasta Tango          Swing

Class 2 Women             Details   

Class 2 Men                   Details

Class 2 Dance               Willow Waltz              Fourteenstep

Class 3 Women             Details    

Class 3 Men                  Details

Class 3 Dance              Ten Fox                      Harris Tango

District Run-Off Results: 

Class 1 Women Flt. 1 (Northern, Prairie Central, Saskatoon, Southeast)   Details

Class 1 Women Flt. 2 (Southwest, Regina, Lakeland, Parkland, Rivers West)    Details

Class 1 Men            Details

Class 1 Dance        Final            Canasta Tango (1)          Swing (2)

Class 2 Women Flt. 1 (Lakeland, Parkland)   Details

Class 2 Women Flt. 2 (Northern, Prairie Centreal Central , Regina, River West)  Details

Class 2 Women Flt. 3 (Saskatoon, Southeast, Southwest)       Details

Class 2 Men             Details

Class 2 Dance         Final           Willow Waltz (1)               Fourteenstep (2)

Class 3 Women Flt. 1 (Northern, Prairie Central, Southwest, Southeast)   Details

Class 3 Women Flt. 2 (Lakeland, Parkland, Regina, Saskatoon, Rivers West)   Details

Class 3 Men             Details

Class 3 Dance            Final            Ten Fox (1)                     Haris Tango (2)