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Sask Skate / Sask Open 

2017 Announcement - Revised Aug. 21st, 2017            

Planned Programs are due September 22nd, 2017.

Schedule (09/13/2017)

Practice Schedule (09/18/2017)

Sask Skate Entries (09/20/2017)

Sask Open Entries (09/20/2017)

Practice Groups (09/20/2017)

Volunteer Schedule (09/19/2017)

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Skate Canada Sectionals


2018 Announcement

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Regional Invitational Competition

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2016/2017 Regional Invitational Announcement

Skaters that meet the criteria for STAR 7 or 9 – Short Program may choose to compete STAR 7 or 9 - Short program as well as a Free Skate program.



Team Elements: The requirement that “More than 50% of the team must have passed the required test for entry (i.e. 2 of 3 or 3 of 4).” Is removed for STAR 2 and STAR 3 levels. STAR 4 is equivalent to the Preliminary level and STAR 5 is equivalent to the Junior Bronze level.


LOC Run STAR Program

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CanSkate Element Event


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Invitational Synchronized Skating Competition

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Saskatchewan Winter Games


District Run-Off Announcement

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